View Full Version : Question: Axolotl help please.

13th June 2012, 13:22
Hey, my axie seems to float quite a bit and her gills arnt very red, sometime they are very very red but lately they are a lot lighter is this illness or stress or something else?

any help would be great!


13th June 2012, 23:36
The younger the axie the more they tend to float for the love of it. If he/she can get back down the bottom i wouldnt stress too much. Do you have gravel or anything that he/she couldve eaten??? Could it be stuck??? Do they need a poo?? this things can also make a axie float:D.
The axie could be asleep when the gills are not bright.....I had a axie whos gills would go almost white, it scared the you know what out of me when i first saw it. I put my hand in the tank thinking it was dead for him to move away slowly and the colour to come back.....bad axie.

13th June 2012, 23:40
I'm not an expert, but my axie Ivy, she for some reason loves to float, and she can go back down, and if Ivy doesnt move her gills start to loose color, but then when she swims around, the color comes back, there is probably nothing wrong, unless any of the things Lea mentioned in the previous post apply, you probably have nothing to worry about:D

14th June 2012, 01:41
As others have stated if an axolotl sits still it is very common for the color(blood) to not flow as heavily through the gills, that is why they loose the color and can go almost white. And as long as your axolotl can still swim and stay down on the bottom floating is common as well. If you find she struggles to stop floating or her but floats that can signal problems.

Sounds to me like you have a very happy and healthy axolotl.

14th June 2012, 19:21
cheers guys,

yeah she seems to be fine, she can stay on the bottom and she has colour back in her gills i guess she just needed to move, the lazy bugger! haha

the only other thing is my filter its rather strong and im worried this is stressing her out, i have only just bought this filiter and the reason it is so strong its because its pretty big and does an amazing job of keeping the water clean, best filter ive ever had! but i was wondering if there is anyway i could somehow stop the flow from being so fast and before you guys say, yes its on the lowest flow setting!

thanks again guys!