View Full Version : Unknown cause of death with my fire belly newt?

4th July 2012, 02:20
I have recently become of owner of two fire belly newts. That I had purchased from a breeder. I have had them for about a week now and today I noticed one of my newts was acting very strangely. He was acting fairly normal and he went down to bottom of the tank and began to roll sporadically. He did this for a few minutes and ended up passing away. I checked my water and everything seems to be fine so I was wondering what caused this sporadic death? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

4th July 2012, 15:15

I woke up this morning to find the other newt had passed away as well. I removed him from the tank and noticed he had some open wounds on him. So the website I purchased them through claimed to be that all their animals are through breeders but is it possible that they were wild caught?

4th July 2012, 16:58
I don't think the presence of wounds means that they are wild caught vs raised.

I don't have any knowledge specifically about the newts, except that they are native to China and Japan.

Sorry for your loss.

5th July 2012, 09:32
A website selling captive bred adult firebellies sounds very unlikely - breeders usually sell (terrestrial) juveniles and there aren't that many around. So my guess would be that they were wild caught. If they were wild caught, their deaths will not surprise anyone who spends any time around the forum. Animals taken from the wild suffer terribly before they get to their new owners who can often just watch their animals die.
If you'd like to try again, I would recommend buying directly from a breeder - you will probably have to raise the newts to adulthood but you will have healthy animals.
Good luck!