View Full Version : How can I tell if my salmander fed?

5th July 2012, 02:54
Yesterday I had the good fortune of finding several small pill bugs that were the right size for my juvenile A.Macrodactylum to eat. I was pleased to see the bugs were nowhere to be found in the terrarium, but I realized that they may of just burrowed under ground.

So looking at my salamander itself I tried to see if their any change in his girth or a bulge in his stomach. I couldn't really tell though and I am wondering if their is anyway to tell if a salamander has eaten. Do they change much in shape after meal?

My other wonder is about sow bugs burrowing capacity. Do they burrow in the traditional sense or do they just wedge themselves under things? If I can't find them in the terrarium are they likely eaten or just hiding?


5th July 2012, 12:58
The only way to know for sure what has been eaten is through observation or hand feeding. After a big meal, mine can appear a little more 'pudgy'.