View Full Version : Looking for an ID on some aquatic worms

12th October 2012, 05:44
I've noticed that in a tank I've filled with pond water there are now many (several hundred, at least) tiny white worms of about 1 mm or so in length. Many of them stay vertical (like an "l") though some will go horizontal. Most stay near the surface though there is a column that extends a few inches below the surface. Any idea what they could be? (I'm posting here in "aquatic worms" though I imagine they could be aquatic insect larvae.)


12th October 2012, 14:17
There are MANY kinds of worms that live in ponds. "Little white ones" that show up in aquariums are sometimes called "threadworms" although there are probably many kinds that get called by this name. Do you have a camera with macro that can take a picture? For comparisons, see:
Caudata Culture Articles - Aquarium Invaders: Algae, Snails, Worms and Other Critters (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/Tank_critters.shtml)
Caudata Culture Articles - Aquarium Invaders: Photographs (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/Tank_critters2.shtml)
or try google images for threadworms.