View Full Version : Axolotl juveniles golden albino, wild type gfp, leuscistic gfp toronto

17th March 2013, 01:45
Our axolotls juveniles are finally ready to go to new homes.
the parents were leuscistic and a gfp wildtype.
we have gfp and normal leuscistic and wild type and normal golden albinos.

we're located in newmarket but willing to deliver north or in surrounding gta within reason.
currently selling for $40 each but willing to negotiate if you're purchasing 3 or more.

they are currently 2-2.5 inches and growing fast.
have full front legs and majority of back.
eating frozen blood worms

if interested email me at shannamrobbins@gmail.com

19th March 2013, 17:24
i really love your axolotls:D