View Full Version : Please help!! I am a new member with a big problem!

16th April 2013, 04:22
Hello I recently adopted a 5 year old fire belly newt. I have never owned a newt before but I instantly fell in love with him and convinced the owner to let me adopt him. The previous owner did not take the time to care of him, and I have been trying my absolute best to give him a good new home.
I have had him for a month now, and he has been shedding a lot! I have seen him shed his skin 5 times already, twice in one week. He is also not eating his food, I give him dry newt food and have been trying to give him blood worms.

Please someone help me! What's wrong with him?

16th April 2013, 08:27
It's hard to tell what's wrong, perhaps it's just adjusting to its new home.
It would be best if you could describe (ideally also take photos) of the newt's tank, what the animal looks like (is it thin? any skin problems?), how did the previous owner keep it, what did he feed the newt etc. The more details you give the better.

16th April 2013, 11:57

You should start by checking water conditions. How's the amonia, nitrate and ph levels. If you are keeping him in a glass aquarium, did you cycle the tank?


16th April 2013, 16:04
If your feeding him non-living food (pellet), try feeding him live food, preferably injured so it can't run away. If he still won't eat, wait till he seems calm and kind of sneak the food an inch or so in front of him; move slowly so he can't see you.