View Full Version : Question: Help ID'ing some Salamander Babies

18th May 2013, 19:15
I just caught some salamanders in a ditch sort of thing, when I first got them, they had their gills but now the glls are mostly gone. With smaller gills now present, They like the land more than water now. I want to find out what kind they are, I live in the middle part of Indiana so its hard to find out the specific anything. I suspect that they are Marbled Salamanders because of their eyes and the general way that the babies look. Help?

19th May 2013, 14:02
I'm not sure what they are, but they don't look like marbled sals. The coloration of newly-morphed A. opacum is gray with white flecking:
If I had to take a wild guess, I might guess Pseudotriton, but I'm not an authority on IDs.