View Full Version : Newbie needs help with babies

2nd June 2013, 05:19
Hello everyone my name is gary,and i am new here and have some questions
About my firebelly newts and the dozen or so babies they had for me,lol
Ive had these two newts now for about a year,there setup is a 70 gallon breeder
Made into a viquarium? (1/2 land/water). Lots of duckweed and fake plants
For hiding. Well they laid eggs that i never seen and all hatched, which was very cool
To me and my family. Every one has been fine and all have been eating frozen
Blood worms,well now they are land dwelling babies and are not eating the worms.
What else can i try? I dont want em to starve seeing how they made it this far without
Being eaten them selfs lol. And my other question is should i seperate them,or will
They be ok since they made it this far?
Thanks in advance.

3rd June 2013, 01:26
The terrestrial juvenile phase is difficult. They need small moving live food. It might help to separate them, solely for the purpose of getting them into proximity with the food. They will eat live pinhead crickets, flightless fruit flies, and other tiny moving food. You can also try feeding them tiny bits of earthworm from a toothpick or tweezers. Good luck!