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7th June 2013, 23:12
12 days ago and also 3 days ago (for the second time) I saw my one year old Pleurodeles W. during their mating. The male has a very swollen cloaca.

I would like know how much time passes before the deposition (if the mating was successfu).
Currently the belly of he female does not seem much increased for the possible prsence of eggs...so I have some doubts..

8th June 2013, 16:57
Impossible to answer. It might be one day, it might be weeks. If the female isn't ready, it might be next year:bowl:

8th June 2013, 17:24
....Yes...this is true!...:D I just have to wait

Another question....in the past I have reproduced Cynops orientalis...and I saw a better reproduction in groups with more males ( 3M : 2F). I saw that with the anuran is the opposite.
Perhaps this is due to the different type of fecundation between the two orders of amphibians.
Do you think that this is always present (among urodeles) or do you have good results also with groups with a prevalence of females than males??

20th June 2013, 14:00
Hi again,

my Pleurodeles ( one year old) they are mating again, again and again.... they are 1M:2F.
But if the females are "not ready", why the ritual continues every day??:confused:

20th June 2013, 14:35
Because males in breeding season will amplex indiscriminately in the hopes that they get lucky. Many amphibians are known to even amplex other species, death animals or even your hand when they are in a breeding frenzy. They just donīt care...the whole point is to not waste any potential opportunity.

20th June 2013, 14:53
Thanks... !
In fact, I saw in a book of mine a Bufo Bufo ""mating with a hand"".
So ,according to this observation, the role of the olfactory and visual cues is pretty low...:confused: