View Full Version : *URGENT* New axie came from pet shop with bad water conditions

10th June 2013, 07:41
Hi, I got an axolotl today from a petshop in Hornsby, NSW,
I always test the water that the little guys come in when i get home and he had 2ppm of ammonia and off the charts of nitrites, id say 10ppm atleast of nitrite, the shop owner said he had been there for 3 weeks and i fail to see how hes alive, Im wondering if he uses aquarium salt in his water and maybe my reading is wrong because my test it freshwater?

anyways im asking that if he has nitrite poisoning, how do i help him and do you think he will die in a week or 2 time?

Hes in fresh water in a cycled tank with 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 7.5ph 0 phosphates 40ppm of nitrates 18c temp, and ive added a low dose of api aquarium salt cause it sais it can reduce nitrite effects and calm fish stress.

10th June 2013, 11:11
If he looks ok now I cant see why, kept in good water from now on, he wont be a healthy axolotl.
Does he look ill?


10th June 2013, 14:30
Just keep doing what you're doing and he should recover nicely :) Sounds like you got him just in time!

10th June 2013, 15:53
He doesn't need to have any salt in the water, a fully cycled tank or a tub with 100% water changes everyday wont have high nitrites. The salt can cause damage to his protective slime coat, an potentially make him worse.
If he looks like he has skin problems perhaps try a tea bath, but please don't try to treat problems that aren't the stress to the axie will cause them! Cool fresh water is the best way to help him at the moment.
It does sound like you got him just in time! Pictures please! :)