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6th September 2013, 01:45
Rearing Sow Bugs (Terrestrial Isopods) Terrestrial Isopods (Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Potato Bugs) As Food for Captive Reptiles and Amphibians | That Reptile Blog (http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatreptileblog/2008/10/06/terrestrial-isopods-sowbugs-pillbugs-potato-bugs-as-food-for-captive-reptiles-and-amphibians/)

6th September 2013, 02:48
I've had incredible success raising the tropical white isopods. I originally acquired a good sized group of them (~40 individuals). I put them in a small plastic storage container at 73F filled with a substrate mixture of cocofiber, tree fern fiber, sphagnum moss, and orchid bark. Initially I just left them, only sprinkling fish flakes occasionally, because I had heard they are slow breeders. But after about a month, I checked their container, and in digging up their substrate I found hundreds of them.