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11th January 2014, 01:18
I have a sick axie and I thought he was just constipated until I read the outcome of another post. I am a veterinary technician so today at work I was able to get some injectable Baytril to medicate him for the next 7 days.

The injections are given in the stomach in front of the back legs... a difficult task, tho the first dose went much better than I expected.

I guess I'm not asking for any answers, just maybe some thoughts sent his way - his name is Nyx (tho I am not sure it's a boy or a girl)

11th January 2014, 01:56
:( Keep us updated. I wish the best! I don't know much about red leg...

11th January 2014, 09:18
Good luck with Nyx. Our thoughts are with you and your little guy. I wish I had some more advice to offer but Red Leg is a very specific condition and I don't know much about it.

11th January 2014, 12:22
Could you add some photo's of your axolotl so we can see? It would be interesting to see the progress of treatment.

11th January 2014, 12:53
i thought only frogs could get red leg
i wonder what would happen if my firebelly toads got red leg, i'd never be able to tell...

11th January 2014, 18:35
Red leg is not a disease, but rather a symptom of other diseases, generally systemic infections.

Since you're a vet tech, is there any way you can take samples and identify the offending organism? This will help you better treat it, rather than shotgunning baytril.

14th January 2014, 00:46
well I am sure I could do that, but to be honest I am not even sure what I'd be looking for in samples from an axolotl. It was my veterinarian that recommended Baytril along with some searching that I did on the internet for known axie tolerated antibiotics.

Red leg seems to be able to grow in any amphibian is what I've read.

I believe this is what my guy has because of the blood redness in his flank/groin area and the pronounced blood vessels in his tail.

I'm not positive if this is what it is, tho it looked like the start of some pictures that I seen on the forum here.

The redness is all but gone, tho he is still floating up on his left side. He's been in a tupperware with water just covering him. He eats, he poops, he begs at the front when he sees me... but still floating.

Water changes once or twice a day, depending when he poops.

14th January 2014, 01:30
Just out of curiosity, when was his last bowl movement? Also, how are you keeping the tupperware container cool?

14th January 2014, 02:51
Lets us know what happens. Most vets don't have a lot of experience treating amphibians. If I were shotgunning treatment I would probably choose Furan2 in the water.

14th January 2014, 20:30
The tub stays cool cuz I live in an unfinished basement, the water down here is about 57* tho now that we have done some plasticing and I have a heater in my "area" I am hoping for mid 60's, time will tell. There's no problem keeping things cool down here ;)

He has a bowel movement everyday.

There was some discrepencys about treating the water, saying that it's hard to get the concentration correct and that weighing him and injecting him with an antibiotic was much more effective.

I am here to say I have to agree! He is swimming now, not floating, I filled his tub about half way now and he's able to stay at the bottom without struggling, makes me so happy! I still have 3 doses left to give but after that I'd say he can move back in to his sweater box, he'll be so happy!

10th February 2014, 22:24
Is it cured?