View Full Version : My remedy little extra steps to revive sick axies

25th January 2014, 08:55
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I have 3 axies for 6mnths now, very healthy.
They are blackie, goldie, pinkie.

Recently blackie was injured in the throat causing it to have swollen throat, she became very stress and tail starts to curl. She bite on my plastic pick that i use for feeding the worms to them and carelessly hurt herself in the mouth.

She is not floating but looked extremely stress. She hasnt been eating quite well for 2weeks.
Few days back her legs start to curl inwards and.totally motionless. A few twitch of the leg thats all.

I decided to fridge it.

My fridge is set at 4-5 degree which ia probably too cold for them so i bought a mini fridge called brand new STYLUS COOLER AND WARMER FRIDGE @ Sgd20 from a good bro online.

It cools my water to 14degree in 1.5hrs. I think its an appropriate temperature to heal my blackie.

I added in anti bacteria/fungus solution to prevent bacteria infection in the mouth. Brand : ocean free.

Its been 2days, swell have not noticeably reduced but he seems to be moving abit stronger.
Hope she will be fine in her own little fridge.