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29th January 2014, 17:41
So, I have had two axolotls in a tank since November, and about three months ago I started to notice a few hydra. i scooped them all out immediately, but they cam back within a week. My axies aren't breeding, so i assume they cant hurt them, but now they've spread to my planted tank. I'm planning on using a chemical called fenbendazole on the planted tank, and I want to use it on the axies, so that the hydras don't spread again as i use the same equipment for both. Is this fenbendazole stuff going to kill them? I can't boil them off, and this my last resort. I've scoured the internet and can't find anything. What would you suggest? I hope i posted this in the right part of the forum...

29th January 2014, 18:36
I'm 99% sure fenbendazole is safe to use with Axolotls (apparently it can be used to de-worm them) but I personally would NOT put any medication in with them unless they themselves needed it.

I believe that medication can also impact your cycle, by the way.

If it's not a huge infestation you can simply remove the hydra by hand (like you tried to earlier), but this time remove all your tank décor and sanitize it before putting it back in.

Or you could keep the Axolotls in tubs while you treat the tank?

29th January 2014, 18:40
Do not put chemicals in your axie tank. Ever. Unless it's on the instructions of a vet. Axies absorb all sorts of things through their skin, you could kill them with treatments meant for fish tanks.
Hydras are harmless, all you need to do is keep wiping them away.