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12th February 2014, 22:35
One of my axolotls 'Pan' suffers from reoccurring fungal infection on his gills.
He has had it maybe 6 times in a year since I got him. He stayed with a friend of mine for a few months and has recently come home and I think the stress of the move may have brought it on again.
Each time he has had it we have salt bathed him and its gone away.
My question is has anyone ever used/seen/heard anything about this product which I have just found on ebay and would anyone recommend trying it?

Axolotl Aquarium Salts ~ 40% Holtfreter's Solution ~ Clawed Frog ~ Free Post | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Axolotl-Aquarium-Salts-40-Holtfreters-Solution-Clawed-Frog-Free-Post-/171228244684?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Reptiles_Spiders_I nsects&var=&hash=item27ddffaacc)

Hope that link works....

Thanks in advance


12th February 2014, 23:03
I've read previously that just normal non iodized salt works better, someone posted about that salt.

If it's reoccurring - is it in the same spot? What are your parameters like and your cleaning like?

15th February 2014, 11:51
Fungus tends to be a secondary infection, meaning something is wrong and its causing the fungus.

Did you cycle the tank?
What is your cleaning timetable?
Do you have a filter, if so is it big enough for your tank (it needs to turn over 4X your tank volume) ?
Is your tank big enough for your axie?
What do you feed?
What is the tank temperature?

Once we know this information we may be able to help you out more :D

17th February 2014, 21:19
Tank was cycled, parameters are now <0.3 nitrite, 15 nitrate, <0.5 ammonia.
Tank is 4 foot with 3 axies.
Filter is large enough (just bought a new one today as the old one is a bit broken but was still working!)
I feed a mix of worms and pellets, I have novalotl and pollywog pellets and feed blood worms and earthworms.
Siphon any left over food and poo out and do a 20% water change each week....

The fungus always appears in the same gill. I didnt salt bath this time and it was gone again within 2 days.

17th February 2014, 21:21
oh and temp is currently 11 degrees

17th February 2014, 22:48
Your ammonia and nitrite seem a little off. hopefully the new filter will lead to a better nitrogen cycle in your tank after a few weeks. I would just keep trying to maintain perfect water quality with more frequent water changes and see if that helps prevent the fungus from starting again.

17th February 2014, 22:54
Sounds like there is a small injury that isn't healing properly, allowing the fungus to get in and keep coming back. When the fungs gets in it prevents healing, then the fungus comes back, and the wound doesn't heal properly...... and the circle continues.

Indian almond leaves are supposed to help prevent fungus, it might be worth putting a couple in the tank (just buy the cheap ones from ebay).
It generally gets better when the weather cools down, fungus is definately worse in the summer than winter.
Keep up with the salt baths when you see the fungus, and then for 2 days after it appears to have cleared.

You also need to move the old filter medium to the new filter to avoid crashing your cycle.

20th February 2014, 18:32
Thanks for all the advice.
The nitrate test I have is a liquid one that that only gives you a reading of <0.3 even if it is 0. Must have a look for a more accurate test. The ammonia may have been a little high, it was a test strip and I find these hard to read but it was defiantly less than 0.5... Yes I understand water quality is key. Keeping with the usual water changes but keeping an extra close eye on the parameters, especially with the new filter. Being a different kind of filter I have taken a small part of the old medium and made it fit in with the new. Im not sure if this is the thing to do but I figured it was better than none?
Im going to find some almond leaves on ebay.
Pan is looking good for now, no fungus :happy::happy: