View Full Version : Gill damaged or fungus?

jAfFa CaKe
14th February 2014, 14:26
So I came home today and checked on my to axies, I immediately saw that my wildtype has a small patch on hiss gill that is white. At first I thought it was fungus but on closer inspection it seemed that he had no feathery bits on it. Please help, I was thinking a salt bath, or fridging but I'd like to know what you think.
P.s I can't get pictures but it is just a patch at the top of his gill with no feathery frills on it.

jAfFa CaKe
14th February 2014, 15:01
I think it is fungus, he has some white looking stuff on some other gills.

14th February 2014, 15:28
Is it fluffy? if yes, then it's probably fungus - fungus can cause fronds to fall off, especailly if the axie has tried to scratch it. Even if it doesn't look fluffy it could be a fungal infection but the fungus has fallen off, leaving white healing skin on the gill.

Give it until tomorrow and see if any fluffyness develops, if it does try salt batch, if not just keep an eye on it.

jAfFa CaKe
14th February 2014, 15:40
Okay, some bits look fluffy some don't, I'll wait until tomorrow and see what happens.