View Full Version : Adult brineshrimp for baby axolotls?

28th March 2014, 08:52
The LFS ordered me Adult brineshrimp. Thought I was ordering baby brineshrimp. My larvae are 6wks old and onto black worms anyway, so the adult brineshrimp would just be a supplement. Any thoughts? Figured I'd post here because most people were on this forum at the time. :happy:

28th March 2014, 10:26
Brineshrimp are fine. Just remember to check back after a few hours & remove uneaten dead ones as they die in freshwater.

28th March 2014, 18:13
Ok, I figured so just wanted to make sure because they are so much bigger than the bbs they just were weaned off of. Thanks

28th March 2014, 18:45
If it fits in their mouth..... its lunch :D

28th March 2014, 20:27
They love them! Especially my runt. Score!:D