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2nd April 2014, 19:33
Okay so I got a new axie last tuesday melanoid albino, he has been eating since 3 days ago he stopped, he now takes in the worms and spits them out. I blanch them, I make sure they are at the right length I even (as nasty as it sounds) cut pieces off to make it even smaller. For days hes been trying to pass waste and from what ive seen nothing comes out :-/ he sat there for an hour yesterday and there was no show of anything but he had his legs up by his sides ready to go. His pet shop substrate was sand and in the feeding jar there seems to be what looks like sand. I dont know what to do and im pretty scared hes only thin not passing properly and not eating properly ? :-/

2nd April 2014, 23:20
that seems to be a common issue in axolotl, the first time (when u get it from the pet shop and put it in a tank) they wont eat for a while. and axolotls are like children (they have different personalities and tastes), i have one that hates earthworms (and i have to feed it with little fishes) and the other loves them. i would offer him food every day, if it does not acceptit dont force it. try with other kind of food.

3rd April 2014, 00:13
I know I shouldn't of but yesterday I tried him with prawn bloodworm earthworm and even a little turkey he took it in and spat it out :-/

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3rd April 2014, 00:19
And he/she ate when he was here he was eating earthworms for the first 5/6 days then he just stopped and is struggling (by the looks of things ) to pass anything :-/

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3rd April 2014, 06:27
How big is your new axie? Some smaller axies can have trouble passing sand, bu tif he's over 5" it should be OK. Keep offering worms.

At 3 days I wouldn't worry too much, if it gets to a week I would fridge him and see if he can pass whatever is blocking him up.

3rd April 2014, 08:52
Okay thankyou! And stumps 5.5" :-)

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5th April 2014, 02:59
What kind of worms are you using? You mention blanching, and I've known that to be a common practice when feeding them red worms. If that's what you're trying, red worms can have a bad taste that many axies won't like.

How big is it? What does its stomach look like? If an axolotl has substrate in the belly you can usually tell by looking at it.

As auntiejude said, keep offering it earthworms. If your axolotl is constipated then you should try fridging it; that can usually help. Don't do that just yet, though... keep observing for now.