View Full Version : Best wormery compost

6th April 2014, 20:33
Hi can you use coir compost to make a wormery thanks

6th April 2014, 21:43
To start a wormery you need the bacteria in soil to start the rot process, but you can use coir as a base. Mix damp coir with organic compost or soil, and mix in your worms. Then top the mixture with vegetable scraps, cooked potatoes, old tea bags, oats etc. Keep it all in a big plastic bucket with a ventilated lid if you don't have a proper wormery.

Full guide to worm farming here (http://www.caudata.org/forum/f46-beginner-newt-salamander-axolotl-help-topics/f48-axolotls-ambystoma-mexicanum/f57-axolotl-general-discussion/95271-worm-farming-almost-everything-you-need-know.html)