View Full Version : Breeding two different types of Axolotl together ?

15th April 2014, 11:18
Hello everybody !
I was wondering if anybody could share what they know or send me some photos on what you know about this ..
What do Axolotls bred from two different types end up looking like ?
For example , a Leucistic and a Wild Type bred together ?
PHOTOS and INFORMATION are totally welcome :)

15th April 2014, 15:00
If you breed a leucistic and a wildtype, you either get all wildtype offspring, or 3/4ths wildtype and 1/4th leucistic. It depends on what recessive genes they have. There is a lot of good info on this page:
Axolotls - Genetics and Colour (http://www.axolotl.org/genetics.htm)
It may seem complicated at first, but if you read it several times and ask questions about the parts you don't understand, you'll learn a lot about genetics.

15th April 2014, 19:09
What do you get if you cross a wildtype with a leucistic? Lots of babies usually...!

It's all a question of genetics - you'd need to know the genotype of each or possibly it's entire family tree in order to figure out what type of offspring you'd get.

Any axie can carry recessive genes, and a wildtype x leucistic pairing has the potential to have any type of offspring.

(BTW you need a male and a female to make babies, I think the concensus on your other thread was that yours are both female...)

17th April 2014, 09:46
Yes , both mine seem to be female .
I do understand that the only way to begin is to have a pair (male and female) .
I was just curious :)