View Full Version : Help with i.d. my new axie

29th April 2014, 22:36
My axolotls had babies 350 and this guy is the only one like him! Im in a couple groups and am getting a ton of possibilities this axies i.d. has yet to be determined... so i thought id give this a try- mom:wild dad:lucy

He has greenish gills that are shiney silvery iredescent, the right eye is blue and the left has a black spot around it and is yellow/gold

29th April 2014, 23:03
If he has gold iridophores & a gold ring in his eyes I would say wildie.

1st May 2014, 18:30
Its right eye doesn't look like it fully formed. I have one axolotl like that and he's fine other than having one eye. Other than that it just looks like a prettier wildtype.