View Full Version : Bricks in tank..safe?

4th May 2014, 23:14
I've had these soaking in this tank for 2 days, is that long enough? Can i move them to my big tank for hiding places now? I don't have a pot big enough to boil them. But I let them soak in the sun.

4th May 2014, 23:23
I don't have the answer to your question but i would suggest sanding/filing down the sides and edges on some of those. Or else they might cut you lotl.

4th May 2014, 23:27
Didn't think about tthat. Thank u so much!

4th May 2014, 23:37
No problem :)

5th May 2014, 00:58
Do you know what they are made out of?

Try the vinegar test. Drop some white vinegar on the dry bricks, if they bubble they are unsafe. If they don't they should be fine however I would be soaking longer than 2 days.

I boiled my rocks 2-3 times, layed them out in the sun for 2-3 days and then soaked them in water for a week and monitored my pH multiple times.

I'm in the process of adding a 3D background and I'm soaking that for a few weeks. Better to be safe than sorry :)

5th May 2014, 13:31
Not sure what kind. I found them in the woods. They've been there around 20 years. How long do I need to boil them each time? Ok, I'll let them soak longer!