View Full Version : Amount of bloodworms young axolotls should eat

16th May 2014, 15:42
So I just got my three babies and was wondering how much I should be feeding each one. I have been portioning out their food and giving them each a bit of blood worms each day. My little gold who is about around 2" seems to have a never ending gullet (he will eat more than my 3" leucistic. I dont want to over or under feed them and I am fast to scoop out whatever is left so they dont dirty their water. Do they stop when they are no longer hungry at this age or will they over eat?

I also have a copper I just got who is a bit under the 2" mark who doesnt each much at all, maybe 3 blood worms in a sitting. He is so small though I am just figuring it is because of his size.

16th May 2014, 17:20
It is almost impossible to overfeed juvies that size - they do seem to have bottomless stomachs! They are growing at an inredible rate, and convert nearly all their energy into size - they don't get 'fat' at that age.

Feed them and see how much they eat. Give them 20 minutes to eat what they want, remove anything left over.

I raise babies in quite large groups, so I just bung some bloodworm in and leave them to it, if there is none left after 10 minutes I increase thier food the next day, and continue until there are a few bloodworms left after that initial 10 minutes.

16th May 2014, 18:13
Thats what I figured, but I wanted to double check since it seemed like a lot for their tiny bellies. I tend to leave them with the worms for like 30 minutes. The littlest one I let keep its for like 10 more minutes and in that time he managed to eat all of them which made me feel better.
They are such funny little guys when I take out their critter keepers out of the tank to dump out their waste and extra worms. I wait for them to swim out in the main tank before doing it and they seem so excited to touch sand and finally get some traction and have some real swim room.
I cant wait until they are big enough to where I dont have to keep them in the critter keepers.