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27th May 2014, 14:06
Hi, I'm getting an axolotl in the next few months.
I just wanted to know if everything I'm getting is suitable and if it would lead to a happy little axolotl!

I plan to be getting a 90L tank (19 almost 20 gallons) with the dimensions of 70x35x40 (cm). I'm not sure if this will be big enough for it to be able to swim around and move in :-(
I'm also getting a filter with an adjustable flow and an aquarium fan*

For decorations I'll using a fine substrate, fake plants, a few rounded pebbles that have no sharp edges, moss balls, a reptile bowl and (I'm not too sure on this) a reptile hide.

I am used to tropical fish so I am hoping I have enough experience with aquatics to be able to have such a lovely little pet. I've also been reading up on them for the past 4 months so I think I can handle it, I was just wondering if all that I have planned is correct? Please leave feedback!! :-)

*I cannot afford a water chiller and a fan seems like a good bet, the room only gets warm during the summer.

27th May 2014, 17:03
Ok, first off a tank of ~20 gallons should be ok. I have a 20 Us gallon tank(a tall one for room so she can swim around). I use a small fan and the temperature is where it needs to be at all times. Your moss balls should be ok, and the fake plants should be fine. If you put in rocks they need to be larger than the axolotl's head. Some people have had trouble with reptile bowls(if you really want to just wait until it's big enough for that. Reptile hides are good(axies love hides). Wooden hiding places cause problems due to tannins in the wood.

Your 'lotl will definitely be able to live a long and happy life under your care! :)


27th May 2014, 17:25
90L is plenty fo one axie, if not 2.

How big an axie will you get? If you're getting a baby (under 5 inches) you won't want sand to start with - it can cause impaction in small axies.

I would also recommend skipping the reptile kit. A bowl will be of no use and a jar is better, as axies will just knock any food out of a dish, and reptile hides often float. Get an aquarium log or tunnel instead, a large jar if you're getting a baby who will be on bloodworms (although with no substrate they can feed from the floor) or if you're getting a juvie or larger axie you should be feeding it worms anyway so no need for bowls or jars.

Fake plants are fine but TBH I'd skip the pebbles - you either need fist-sized rocks or fine sand - you'd be amazed how big an axie's mouth actually is, and gunk tends to accumulate under rocks anyway.

You won't need a chiller in the UK, a decent fan system should be fine as long as you keep your tank shaded from direct heat/sunlight.