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18th June 2014, 05:38
Hello everyone I am about 3 weeks into my new adventure of sharing space with two wild coloration axolotls I've done some research and understand worms are the best staple diet but pinky or the brain can't tell which is which will not eat them he will chew em for a bit spit it out n brood in the back till I hand feed him or her fish or shrimp the guy I got him from said shrimp from Kroger but im a little worried about that any ideas on a good food and I prefer not pellets oh and the other axolotl will eat worms but seems to not be happy about it but both eat fine and other than a little skinny as far as I can tell look very healthy tank average temperature 70 @high an 68 about as low as I can get it keeping steady im still working on ideas other than a 300dollar chiller this is my first time so please bear with me thank you any advice is appreciated

Liz Roome
18th June 2014, 06:46
You can use a desk fan to help cool the surface of the water, you can reduces the temperature gradually, but be sure you don't let it yo yo as that's a sure fast way to kill your little darlings.

On the subject of worms, there are some good guides on here on food, there are different sorts of worms and some are more pleasing than others. Have you tried blood worms? You can usually buy those frozen.

If he's is used to eating other things, and hasn't been fed on a varied diet, this might explain his dislike of the new food you introduced him to. Worms are best, but if he doesn't want them try something else and come back to it.

There are sinking pellets and reptomin, which are floating ones, he might try those, least you can try to vary his diet and he can try new things, then he might get a taste for the worms. Good luck x

18th June 2014, 07:46
Sometimes you need to persevere with worms - like you do with a fussy kid. If they have no other option they will eat the worms eventually. If worms are a new food it may take axies a short while to get used to the idea.

You might try blanching the worms - just dash boiling water over them, then cool immediately with cold. This kills the worms and stops any unpleasant secretions, and will encourage your axie to take it. Once they get the idea of worms as food you should be fine.

18th June 2014, 13:10
Thank you both I have a fan on the tank im getting another to see ic that helps but the guy said he kept them at 75 so I didn't want to plunge the temp 10degrees on them to suddenly I will keep up with the worms and try blanching and no to force feeding ill try for a good picture from the back but do they look skinny ?

18th June 2014, 14:54
Oh dose anybody have any thoughts about feeding axolotls shrimp from Kroger an example would be the jumbo shrimp we go and buy to cook and eat

18th June 2014, 17:45
Live freshwater shrimp (cherry, ghost etc) are fine. Saltwater shrimp and prawns meant for human consumption are very salty but can be used very occasionally, they are not suitable as a staple or even a regular food.

18th June 2014, 21:17
Live freshwater shrimp (cherry, ghost etc) are fine. Saltwater shrimp and prawns meant for human consumption are very salty but can be used very occasionally, they are not suitable as a staple or even a regular food.

Awesome thank you for the information I didn't think it was a good idea

19th June 2014, 17:39
Last night pinky and the brain gorged themselves on worms i told them if you don't eat your worms you can't have any pudding how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your worms oh yeah and I threatened to stop playing Pink Floyd

25th June 2014, 00:25
Well done! I'm sure the adorable little lotls (those names are fabulous, but I've said that on another post) will thrive now they're on earthworms. And it is so much fun watching them wrestle those worms. Boris (my albino) tosses his head around with such abandon in the process of eating dinner that he actually throws himself off the ground. It's hysterical. Once he's finally got the whole worm securely into his mouth, he sits and looks a bit smug while he waits for the wriggling to stop. Then a couple of gill flaps and down it goes! Yummy yummy! Is there perhaps another one mummy? :D

25th June 2014, 14:42
Lol yup they are growing now and looking great I think they were never fed live worms before and where a little freaked out by the worm fighting back now one will pounce and thrash the other sneaky ninja will wait and a lot of times gets the worm in one gulp then watches the other wrestling around and I swear I hear her snickering

25th June 2014, 14:44
Hear are some pictures

25th June 2014, 14:52
And thank you for their name compliment they seem to be plotting all the time one day im going to wake up and see there gone turn on the news and there they are taking over the world