View Full Version : Going on holiday.

18th June 2014, 21:22
This heatwave we're having has got me thinking, I'm going away for 3 days in August, I have no one I can get to keep an eye on Toaster while I'm away, how on earth am I going to keep his tank cool? I'm finding it hard enough at the moment to strike a balance between stressing him out with too many water changes (though high nitrites and fungus on one of his gill stalks has rendered that a necessity anyway) and having a tank that's too warm and bad for him anyway.

Does anyone have any idiot proof suggestions that don't involve me dropping a lot of cash on an aquarium chiller?

18th June 2014, 21:47
You could get a very large esky, and place an ice bottle in it. It may stay reasonably cool for a day, day and a half max, however it is a little bit hard to control how quickly temperature drops and such. Other than that only option is a chiller

19th June 2014, 07:20
I have one of these (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tropical-Marine-Aquarium-Cooling-Chiller/dp/B00DGR5RQ6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403162323&sr=8-2&keywords=aquarium+fan) for each of my big tanks, and they work really well. If someone is coming in to feed you axie you could ask them to top up water that is lost through evaporation, if not then 3 days will not be an issue.