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5th September 2014, 20:20
Hi all,

I just wanted to share some info I have on U.S state laws on keeping amphibians. I don't have all the states ( or even close to all ) laws yet but I will continue to work towards knowing all the states laws if I can. However some states don't actually have clearly written laws so it might be difficult.

I am NOT completely certain of all of these laws, these are just my findings and my best interpretations of what is written. So if you buy and Axolotl and it turns out to be illegal when I said it was legal, do NOT blame it on me, you should investigate the laws your self and if you are still uncertain you should contact you're department of fish and wildlife or similar department. I am just trying to inform you of my findings and what I have concluded.

I will list my conclusions of the laws of Main, New Jersey, Washington, California and Oregon on laws about keeping Axolotls.


: Maine IF&W (http://www.maine.gov/ifw/wildlife/human/regulations/unrestricted.html)

The last link shows that you can request to make changes to the unrestricted species list, so you could request to have Axolotls added to it. If they were added to it, that would mean they are legal to keep without a importation or possession permit. However if the request is denied you would still need to apply for a possession and importation permit to acquire Axolotls IF "vocation husbandry" is in reference to the hobbyist. However I am not sure if that is in reference to the hobbyist, so all opinions are appreciated.

New Jersey:

Axolotls are illegal to protect the native Tiger salamander species, no permits are known to be offered.


Axolotls are legal. WAC 220-12-090: Classification (http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=220-12-090)


http://www.caudata.org/forum/f1173-advanced-newt-salamander-topics/f1175-herpetological-science-politics/f1176-laws-legality-ethics/66386-axolotls-illegal-california-here-relevant-laws.html This clearly states the law.


As far as I can find they are legal.

This is all I have right now, I am acquiring more info constantly so I will have more soon. -Seth

6th September 2014, 03:42
I jokingly asked Seth to look into laws for me. He emailed me back saying he wanted to do it. I told him I was just kidding and it would be a nightmare. He said he still wanted to do it. This is amazing......This kid, excuse me, man is a go getter!!!!! Keep it up Seth, you are really digging up some good information for us all.
Amazing, just amazing,
Trace :animal:

2nd November 2014, 21:44
It is also legal to keep axolotls in North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. Alabama is unknown.
I will continue to research the states and post my findings. -Seth

Sith the turtle
5th September 2015, 00:58
Hi, just wanted to update this, but Axolotls are legal in Georgia as well :D