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Newt and Salamander Help
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Announcement: Scientific Names - what's that all about anyhow?
Posted By John 19th November 2009
Sticky: New Chinese fire belly newts not eating (24 Replies) ( 1 2)
Last Post: Vaneshka44, 9th September 2017
Sticky: Need an answer fast? Read this first! (8 Replies)
Last Post: ChristineB, 30th May 2015
Moved: Taricha newt (- Replies)
Last Post: Lamarca, 15 Hours Ago
Marbled newt terrestrial to aquatic animals phase (5 Replies) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Daniel Joseph, 1 Day Ago
Triturus marmoratus- Is an aquatic setup necessary? (1 Replies)
Last Post: bellabelloo, 1 Day Ago
Frozen food for T. Granulosa... (3 Replies)
Last Post: Chinadog, 1 Day Ago
Question: Papillae coming out of male paddletail newt's cloaca? (3 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Chinadog, 4 Days Ago
Safe Epoxy for Aquatic Newts (1 Replies)
Last Post: Viking, 1 Week Ago
Question: Axolotl Gender (2 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: John, 1 Week Ago
Question: Eastern Tiger help (1 Replies)
Last Post: John, 1 Week Ago
Poll: Favorite type of Tiger Salamander? (10 Replies) 16 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Cloppy, 2 Weeks Ago
Fire salamander food refusal? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Chinadog, 2 Weeks Ago
Greater siren same sex housing? (0 Replies)
Last Post: slipperem, 3 Weeks Ago
Question: Bio active set up - lighting needs? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Herpin Man, 4 Weeks Ago
Spotted Salamander Diet Question (3 Replies)
Last Post: Otterwoman, 4 Weeks Ago
Illness/Sickness: Help! Juvenile Lesser Siren Not Eating (0 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Haze91, 22nd February 2020
Is this soil a safe substrate? (1 Replies)
Last Post: Otterwoman, 20th February 2020
Obese tiger salamander (6 Replies)
Last Post: sammiethes, 20th February 2020
Mites help (0 Replies)
Last Post: Jacob heps, 18th February 2020
Tiger Salamander Questions (2 Replies)
Last Post: Frogss, 16th February 2020
Smallmouth salamander (0 Replies)
Last Post: dchallans, 14th February 2020
Eastern red spotted efts. Sick? Dying? Help (7 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: GoodNewtsMama, 7th February 2020
Question: Aquatic newts and CO2 planted tanks? (2 Replies) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Chinadog, 1st February 2020
Question: Where to Buy Salamander Larvae (2 Replies)
Last Post: Person243, 25th January 2020
Alpine newt-- weight loss and Baytril sensitivity? (3 Replies)
Last Post: MnGuy, 20th January 2020
Help with juvenile Lake Urmia Newts (neurergus crocatus) (1 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Viking, 19th January 2020
Strange white sac from Spotted Salamander (0 Replies) 1 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Trujillomander, 18th January 2020
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