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Tree Frogs
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Announcement: Scientific Names - what's that all about anyhow?
Posted By John 19th November 2009
Pacific Treefrog Tadpoles Tips (1 Replies)
Last Post: Cjhermosillo, 18th May 2019
Red Eye Tree Frog tadpole health (0 Replies)
Last Post: Duckweed, 5th May 2019
Moved: Looking for dumpy frog tadpoles (- Replies)
Last Post: joyjoy22, 1st February 2019
Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) bloating/gas in abdomen (5 Replies)
Last Post: David339, 2nd October 2018
Pseudacris crucifer (Spring Peeper) Releasing young frogs (4 Replies)
Last Post: David339, 1st October 2018
Ill gray treefrog (3 Replies) 2 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Bill B, 10th September 2018
Unusual gray treefrog[?] (1 Replies)
Last Post: Herpin Man, 7th September 2018
Starting with Whites tree frog (3 Replies) 8 Attachment(s)
Last Post: adrianastepheny, 17th May 2018
Spots on Whites Tree Frog (2 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Sith the turtle, 7th June 2017
HYLA ARBOREA final outcome (2 Replies)
Last Post: SteGriffWales, 3rd May 2017
Breeding Whites Tree Frogs!! (7 Replies) 3 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Neotenic_Jaymes, 15th December 2016
Whites frog piss (2 Replies)
Last Post: AshSeek, 10th December 2016
Thinking about getting some Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, any advice from someone with experience? (0 Replies)
Last Post: gnarvin, 6th July 2016
Agile, quick Spring Peeper metamorphs! (0 Replies)
Last Post: Bill B, 5th July 2016
Sexing Amazon Milk Frogs (0 Replies)
Last Post: Amphibilicious, 25th November 2015
Wandered over to the froggy side with Hyla arborea juveniles. (8 Replies) 9 Attachment(s)
Last Post: Laticaudata, 23rd October 2015
Feeding Hyla versicolor metamorphs (12 Replies) 22 Attachment(s)
Last Post: jbherpin, 30th July 2015
Tropical house for my Red eyed tree frogs (0 Replies)
Last Post: Aminart, 5th July 2015
Treefrog (17 Replies) 9 Attachment(s)
Last Post: gregory741, 1st June 2015
How many eggs do Hyla Arborea lay? (5 Replies)
Last Post: ajr104, 13th May 2015
Are there any reports on captive bred American Green Tree Frogs? (4 Replies)
Last Post: Cliygh and Mia, 1st May 2015
Tree frog ID? (18 Replies)
Last Post: Cliygh and Mia, 3rd February 2015
Florida green tree frogs built immunity to toxins? (29 Replies) ( 1 2)
Last Post: Cliygh and Mia, 20th January 2015
New grey tree frog morph (2 Replies)
Last Post: Rollkeeg877, 15th January 2015
Worms and White's (2 Replies)
Last Post: jAfFa CaKe, 10th November 2014
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