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Specific Interest
This group is for all that have axolotls and to give each other tips in breeding and any other subjects to do with axolotls.
368 40 75 109
26th September 2018
Regional Groups
Just USA residents
38 10 13 18
30th August 2018
Regional Groups
Breeders, hobbyists, and suppliers in Texas JOIN HERE!
17 1 1 1
20th August 2018
Specific Interest
for those of us interested in Dicamptodon and for the few of us who are lucky enough to keep the world's largest, terrestrial salamander.
29 14 40 26
14th July 2018
Specific Interest
For Australians who love axolotls! Whether you're a beginner or a veteran in axolotl care or you just simply love these awesome creatures, share your knowledge and post pictures of your pet or of any axolotls that you are interested in!
12 5 5 5
12th July 2018
Specific Interest
A group were people from around the world who have Axolotl's and can share there tips and tricks to other members and their experiences with the amazing salamander!
86 10 12 13
27th April 2018
Specific Interest
For keepers and lovers of c.orientalis. join this group and discuss methods and experience :D
83 8 26 23
19th June 2017
Specific Interest
This group is for all Chinese fire belly lovers! Share about your Chinese fire bellied newt, discuss information and studies, and more.
1 1 1 0
19th June 2017
Regional Groups
Hey everyone! welcome to my group. i thought i would make a group for all axolotl owners in canada that live in the GTA or close by to talk about our axolotls, common questions or concerns, even where to buy a axolotl cheap and which members are selling in our area.
42 5 5 0
2nd February 2013
Specific Interest
Come here to share Ensatina findings, discuss Ensatinas, and anything else to do with Ensatinas
20 4 11 10
27th April 2017
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