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by corrinarenee
30th August 2018
My axolotle has white growth on its mouth
I donít know what to do about a week ago my axolotles mouth looked weird so I thought it would...
30th August 2018 15:37
by MizMizza
19th July 2018
I'm very worried. Can anyone help?
Came home today to my female wild axolotl looking very pale and sad. On further examinations I...
19th July 2018 04:38
by allyssah0815
18th March 2018
I think my axolotl is stressed, are there any remedies to calm it down??:(:(
18th March 2018 01:25
by OmgAxolotl904
18th February 2018
Swollen belly
My Mel axolotl tried to eat my lucy. We were able to save the Lucy and put them in another...
18th February 2018 22:43
by MizMizza
23rd August 2017
Sick Axolotl
Hi, I bought my first Axolotl 3 months ago. I was starting to get worried because he (or she not...
1st January 2018 00:10
by Amchappell92
6th August 2017
Axolotl pellets forsale
:happy:Fresh axolotl pellets just came in 6$ plus 8$ shipping
6th August 2017 17:16
by thegoldfishboy
14th July 2017
California, wanting 2 Juvenile Axolodls
I live in California. I know Axolotls are illegal, but I am willing to risk. I will not be breeding...
14th July 2017 02:06
by Emily Alvarez
1st November 2016
I'm not sure if I have an axolotl, I'm new at all this.
I've had fish in the past but I've never had an axolotl so I am really not sure what I have. I was...
9th November 2016 13:58
by tipnatee
1st September 2016
Not all Fish remedies are bad for axolotl
I have been using aquarium salt and pimafix on my axolotl for many years, they're very natural and...
1st September 2016 11:39
by tipnatee
30th July 2016
Big head axolotl , is it a problem?
I bought some axolotl babies from other seller to add new genes to the pool but compare to my...
30th July 2016 16:21

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