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by allyssah0815
18th March 2018
I think my axolotl is stressed, are there any remedies to calm it down??:(:(
18th March 2018 01:25
by OmgAxolotl904
18th February 2018
Swollen belly
My Mel axolotl tried to eat my lucy. We were able to save the Lucy and put them in another...
18th February 2018 22:43
by MizMizza
23rd August 2017
Sick Axolotl
Hi, I bought my first Axolotl 3 months ago. I was starting to get worried because he (or she not...
1st January 2018 00:10
by Amchappell92
6th August 2017
Axolotl pellets forsale
:happy:Fresh axolotl pellets just came in 6$ plus 8$ shipping
6th August 2017 17:16
by thegoldfishboy
14th July 2017
California, wanting 2 Juvenile Axolodls
I live in California. I know Axolotls are illegal, but I am willing to risk. I will not be breeding...
14th July 2017 02:06
by Emily Alvarez
1st November 2016
I'm not sure if I have an axolotl, I'm new at all this.
I've had fish in the past but I've never had an axolotl so I am really not sure what I have. I was...
9th November 2016 13:58
by tipnatee
1st September 2016
Not all Fish remedies are bad for axolotl
I have been using aquarium salt and pimafix on my axolotl for many years, they're very natural and...
1st September 2016 11:39
by tipnatee
30th July 2016
Big head axolotl , is it a problem?
I bought some axolotl babies from other seller to add new genes to the pool but compare to my...
30th July 2016 16:21

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