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Marvelous Hunt 11th December 2018 02:15

Albino Eggs!
I didn't set up a separate tank for my males as I intended - I've procrastinated for months and, well, eggs have arrived!

I have approximately 100 fertilized eggs at the moment.

They will be 100% albino offspring, but as for the parents? We have the following possibilities:

Golden OR White OR Melanoid ♀ x Golden OR Axanthic Melanoid ♂

If anyone is interested in buying eggs, please message me!

You must be in the USA and you must be in a state where axolotls are legal to own.

$10 for 10 eggs plus $1 each additional egg + exact shipping costs


$35 for 50 eggs with shipping costs included

Thank you!

tccorbett 12th December 2018 17:10

Re: Albino Eggs!
Hi, how many do you have left? I will take fifty for $35 if you can overnight them. Where are you? I'm in WV. Can you send me a paypal button?

Marvelous Hunt 14th December 2018 03:17

Re: Albino Eggs!
Eggs are already spoken for - but I have two more females that should be laying any day.

Marvelous Hunt 16th February 2019 21:57

Re: Albino Eggs!
"Any day" has been a while, but I finally have eggs again! The were laid last night from a Valentine's Day mating (- melanoid albino x white albino.

Please PM me if interested.

$35 for 50 eggs with shipping costs included - shipping will be Priority Mail - live arrival guaranteed. Will also include a few extra eggs.

Only shipping within the USA and only to states where axolotls are legal. Thank you!

Marvelous Hunt 21st February 2019 01:10

Re: Albino Eggs!
Eggs are beaning - please let me know if you're interested in eggs soon. I will be freezing/culling many of them before they develop any further - I can handle raising 30 axolotls, but not 300+ lol!

Marvelous Hunt 22nd March 2019 14:58

Re: Albino Eggs!
She laid more eggs! Have over 100 eggs needing new home. Starting to bean as of 3/22. Can ship Tuesday 3/26. Attached are pictures of the parents.

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