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chaimdov 20th December 2018 18:43

IRN Eggs
My IRN have produced many more eggs than I can handle. I already hatached a few hundred and I do not have any more room. Some of the eggs are leucistic. Each batch will include at least two different bloodlines. I am selling eggs in lots of 100. Price is $50 and it includes regular priority shipping. PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING. I am not insulating the box or shipping overnight. You are gambling with the PO.Possible none of the eggs will hatch.

If you can pickup in NY I will give you a discount.

ndbug 21st December 2018 16:17

Re: IRN Eggs
Hey chains of I'll buy a 100 lot from you what is your paypal? Can you write, "live eggs" and "do not let freeze" on the package?

donatkin 22nd December 2018 19:29

Re: IRN Eggs
Irn = ?

donatkin 22nd December 2018 19:31

Re: IRN Eggs
What does IRN stand for?

Ekmanor 25th December 2018 02:33

Re: IRN Eggs

Originally Posted by donatkin (Post 491272)
What does IRN stand for?

Iberian Ribbed Newt (At least I'm pretty sure that's what it means lol.)

Bismarck 6th January 2019 20:39

Re: IRN Eggs
Hello Chaimdov,

I am a big fan of this Iberian Ribbed Newt because I have 3 albinos. They are may favorite newt because they are large. I live in Queens, New York. Let me know if I can pick them up?


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