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caudatadude28 20th May 2013 18:31

Tylototriton Verrucosus
I have a group of six one-year-old juveniles. They are feeding well on earthworms, chopped nightcrawlers, and waxworms. They hand feed and have great personalities. I am moving into a different apartment so I have to downsize. The group is $200 shipped.

caudatadude28 24th May 2013 13:09

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus
Price reduced to $180 shipped

caudatadude28 28th June 2013 19:54

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus

modestum 6th August 2013 04:03

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus
payment sent 7/23. Can you please confirm if you have received it.

jasper408 15th August 2013 15:47

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus
Is there an update to the situation?

modestum 20th August 2013 17:51

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus

Originally Posted by jasper408 (Post 388019)
Is there an update to the situation?

Unfortunately, the situation has not yet been resolved. Has not responded to PMs. Got in contact with him via text message. Has confirmed that he received my payment. Says a disease has swept through his animals and killed the newts. Said he was sending payment back, but I have not received it yet. Hopefully it is still in the mail.

Please use caution if you decide to conduct business with this user.

I will post an update if my payment is returned.

Sawyer 21st August 2013 02:56

Re: Tylototriton Verrucosus
Sorry to hear. Hopefully you get your payment back.

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