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ElaineCheeko104 18th September 2017 22:55

Frustrated about substrate
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I purchased top soil at Home Depot. The ingredients for the top soil read: Forest Wood Product, compost and sandy loom. It was the only soil that didn't contain peat, perlite or fertilizers.
I mixed the soil with one brick of eco earth.
I was informed that I could not use my substrate mixture because of the wood pieces.
My only option is to sift out the wood chips or give up and throw everything away.

Otterwoman 19th September 2017 12:08

Re: Frustrated about substrate
I would only worry about the wood if it had sharp edges? What is the species you want to use it for? I have had substrate with larger pieces of wood in there and it seems OK, esp if they are moist, they break down. Maybe try crumbling them some? Breaking them up somehow?

ElaineCheeko104 23rd September 2017 23:10

Re: Frustrated about substrate
Sorry that I didn't reply sooner. I have an apartment inspection and was working on cleaning walls and lights.
I was thinking about a tiger or mole salamander.
I also sifted some just in case the wood pieces would effect him.

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