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Becky7Kittys 22nd March 2018 16:47

Eggs in Tampa!
Hello. My female deposited her eggs this morning. I'll be out of town when they hatch, so I'm trying to find a home for the eggs. He is an albino and she is leucistic, with only black eyes. The parents are about a year-and-a-half old and were acquired at different times, so should not be related. I just joined the forum and this is my first time with eggs, so I'm not sure how to ship them. In fact, she is still dropping off eggs...

gocrow77 22nd March 2018 17:22

Re: Eggs in Tampa!
shipping is fairly straightforward. You can ship in a clean water bottle, fill part way with fresh clean dechlorinated water and put the eggs inside. put the cap on and seal up in some way (mine were sent to me inside a plastic fish shipping bag just in case of any leaks). You put an icepack in the box with them and pad it well with newspaper, plastic grocery bags, or whatever is handy....and off they go! Shipping should not be more than 15 bucks if you're sending 2-3 day priority mail. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Becky7Kittys 22nd March 2018 17:35

Re: Eggs in Tampa!
That sounds easy enough. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully someone will be interested in taking them. I can't wait for a chance to try to raise them myself.

gocrow77 22nd March 2018 19:35

Re: Eggs in Tampa!
You might try posting in the USA buy/sell/trade section...I bet they get bought very quickly.

Becky7Kittys 22nd March 2018 23:41

Re: Eggs in Tampa!
That makes sense, thanks! I'm new to this.

gennayfairy 23rd March 2018 01:40

Re: Eggs in Tampa!
Mannnn! Im 2 hours from you! if I knew how to care for an egg or two to hatch I so would!!! Good luck!

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