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Jan 5th February 2010 23:08

Please Read Before Posting to this Community Glossary Project
This forum is an experiment in "group writing".

The goal: To produce definitions to assemble into an Amphibian Glossary with a focus on caudates. When complete, this glossary will be placed in Caudata Culture, see example here: Amphibian Glossary

Since nothing like this has been done before, we're not entirely sure how it will work. But the basic idea is that participants, moderators or administrators will post the words in threads, and participants will have the opportunity to post their definition and/or suggest refinements of other people's definitions. If you are quoting a definition from another source, be sure to note that.

Please keep in mind when posting definitions that the intended audience for the glossary will be people new to the hobby, therefore definitions should be as concise as possible and not contain too much technical information or jargon. We want it simple, but it should not be so much that accuracy is lost.

You will also be able to post photos or illustrations (ones that we have permission to use) - or links to photos we already have on CC - to illustrate the concept being defined.

To indicate a word that should link to another glossary word, please put the word in brackets.
For example:
Papillae: Protrusions from the male's [cloaca].

To indicate a link to a separate web page, indicate this in brackets also.
For example:
Cycling: blah blah blah. See [CC cycling article].

Please do not insert actual hot links (unless you need to give a link to an article that we wouldn't all be familiar with).

When it is believed that a thread has reached a suitable conclusion, the final definition should be compiled and posted as one concise message as the final post in the thread. The thread will then be moved to the ‘completed words’ sub-forum by a moderator or administrator.

Once the completed word has been placed in the glossary’s compiled working document, the thread title will be changed to include the designation, ‘in CC amphib glossary’. Jan (moderator) will manage this function.

If you participate in this project, you will be identified as a contributor.

Thank you for your willingness to participate!

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