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TeeJay 18th July 2016 18:59

Substrate Idea
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Im changing the substrate in my 20 gallon tank from full sand to half sand and half river rocks.
Im having a hard time finding river rocks that are specifically for aquariums. And if i do find some they only sell them in 5 lb bags so i would have to buy multiple bags. I found that if i bought turtle river rocks that I would get way more for alot less. These are the turtle river rocks (pic below) and my main question was if using these river rocks were safe to use in an aquarium with an axolotl. Also if these rocks would have an effect on the water or anything

Website for rocks: Imagitarium Turtle Terrain Tiger Stripe Rocks, 20 lbs. | Petco Store

auntiejude 18th July 2016 19:17

Re: Substrate Idea
They should be safe, but they will be a nightmare to clean. Bits of food, poop and crud will get stuck between and under the rocks, it might mess with your water quality.
Safe - yes, recommended - no.

TeeJay 18th July 2016 20:12

Re: Substrate Idea
Well my plan is to put a bottom layer of sand so that my plants can root into it but have a top thin layer of rocks. These river rocks are big enough to where I can just take them out when i clean and vacuum it off of the sand. I am very diligent about cleaning about every week so I dont really have to worry about it. My major worry was if the rocks themselves would harm my axolotl or affect the water. Thanks for clearing it up. But I would also want know if rocks that say they have been polished would be ok for the aquarium. They are still natural river rocks but say they have been polished. Are these ok?

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