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Bahauck 11th April 2017 00:11

Is the Ban over?

Saw this on usark website, does this mean the ban is over.

Otterwoman 11th April 2017 12:50

Re: Is the Ban over?

SteGriffWales 12th April 2017 17:58

Re: Is the Ban over?
the information is for in reference to snakes in question whether the ban will still be enforced in reference to disease in concern with native amphibians is to be asked and watched on

FrogEyes 13th April 2017 04:47

Re: Is the Ban over?
See the other thread. Disease is irrelevant. The ban in general is in place. The court ruled, however, that USFWS cannot ban interstate movement of injurious species [giant snakes, salamanders, or whatever else], because the law they twist to say this...doesn't do it. So interstate movements were never legally banned and whatever USFWS has publicly stated about this is legally wrong and cannot be enforced. Shipping within and between the 49 continental states is perfectly legal.

Assuming of course, that animals are legally obtained and legal in the state they're going to [otherwise, that's a title 16 violation instead].

cichlidjedi 13th April 2017 14:05

Re: Is the Ban over?
Man Frogeyes if I need legal advice buddy I'm PMing you!!!! Perfect explanation and clarification of the courts decision. You need a Caudate radio news show! Newt Talk Radio!!!!!!

Linus 13th April 2017 14:51

Re: Is the Ban over?

John 18th April 2017 14:30

Re: Is the Ban over?
Closing the current thread because this other one is the main thread on this:

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