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John 24th June 2017 22:34

Advertisement Policy Change
I created in 2001 as a community for people to exchange information, ideas and captive bred newts and salamanders. For over 10 years the site was funded by the donations of its members Ė thank you!

For the past few years I have funded the site from my own pocket. After consulting with the admins, Iíve decided to implement Google Adsense advertising on the site on a trial basis to see if the siteís traffic will pay for its upkeep.

The Google advertisements will only appear on the forum, at least for the time being.

Thank you.

Chinadog 25th June 2017 13:04

Re: Advertisement Policy Change
I think adverts on the net are just a fact of life these days, so much so that they don't really register with me any more. If the adds provide a hassle free way of keeping the site and forum online I think it's a small price to pay in the end, better than no site at all.

John 25th June 2017 19:49

Re: Advertisement Policy Change
I fixed an issue with the menu bar. The dropdown menu options were going behind the top advert. Please continue the feedback!

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