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ndbug 25th February 2019 00:38

L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
If anyone is interested I have Lissotriton Helveticus nominate germany locality eggs for TRADE ONLY. These guys have been having a 90%+ hatch rate for me no larvae fatalities or deformities yet, first batch already started developing rear legs. Hardy guys but tiny if your up for the challenge.

David Kurn 25th February 2019 18:19

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
Ive got some Danube crested eggs to trade. Thanks, David

patrickstar116 25th February 2019 18:41

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
What is it that you're looking for trade wise?

KenWayne69 2nd March 2019 05:01

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
Is anyone on the thread willing to sell some eggs? Let me know please interested in either species.

Rufi0h 2nd March 2019 17:11

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
David, do you by chance have any to sell?

ndbug 1st May 2019 06:48

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
I still have plenty of eggs being laid.

ekocak 1st May 2019 15:15

Re: L. Helveticus Eggs (trade)
I have lots of T. marmoratus and T. dobrogicus eggs if you want to trade for those

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