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axieboi 28th May 2019 02:24

Adult male melanoid axolotl to trade
Hey everyone!
I have a year Alf a half old, male, melanoid axoltol (a little less than a foot long) that I would love to trade for a female. I currently have an older female that keep laying eggs due to the male in the tank, and I hate the thought of putting all of the extra stress of bearing eggs in my female. Iím not looking for any specific type of female, so all inquiries are accepted!

Also, Iím in the Cap hill area of Denver, Colorado and con not ship, so preferably someone in the area!!

kjones8000 23rd June 2019 23:59

Re: Adult male melanoid axolotl to trade
Hi, we are in the Boulder area and if you know someone nearby (Denver/Boulder) who breeds axolotls, please let me know. We are in the market for our first two. Sorry canít help with a trade. Thanks!

Coolmom667 14th August 2019 20:14

Re: Adult male melanoid axolotl to trade
Any way you would ship and sell the eggs ?

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