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GeoludvikIV 4th August 2019 18:57

Wildtype Axolotls for $10 in Ohio!
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I have already created a previous thread, however I would like to update the prices and other data on the sale.

The axolotls are of wild-type morph (father is golden albino, mother is wild-type), captive bred, and are around 3''. They are fully intact and non-cannibalistic (meaning that they haven't previously eaten each other) although are still at risk of such due to this stage. I will be selling each axolotl at the price of $10, and as a deal (for the sake of brevity), I will discount the purchase of multiple Axolotls.

1 Axolotl for $10
2 Axolotls for $15
3 Axolotls for $20
6 Axolotls for $25

I will only be doing car-to-car or pickup transactions, as I don't have the funds to ship them nationally yet. I am willing to do a midway point, and for reference I live in Massillon, Ohio.

Regarding any interests in buying the axolotls, more details about them, or general axolotl advice, I can be contacted at my email

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