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karin 21st May 2006 02:57

I'm a new user on this site and forgive my maybe stupid questions. I have been trying to feed my rough skinned newts and one is eating well(brine shrimp and mealworms), but the I have not seen the other one eat. He has shed his skin recently,I didn't know if that had anything to do with it. I also need to know what to look for to make sure the earthworms I buy are healthy. Also, I think the mealworms I am feeding are too large for my newts, any suggestions on what other worms to feed them? And where I might be able to get them? The pet stores in my area only sell mealworms

karen 21st May 2006 03:47

You may want to try blackworms or frozen bloodworms (check out the refrigerated food section of the pet store) or chopped earthworms.

jennifer 21st May 2006 16:24

I've bought earthworms from a variety of sources and never had any problems. Like Jim says, just look at them and make sure they look healthy.

If you haven't seen it, this page outlines some additional options you may not have thought of:
Most pet shops sell frozen bloodworms, and those might work well (I recommend Hikari brand, if they have them).

ali 21st May 2006 20:28

You can most often find night crawlers (which you can chop into bite sized pieces) at Wal-mart. If not, check a bait shop.

Sometimes they don't eat when they're about to shed their skin. Try again. Worms that still wiggle are also more enticing.

karin 22nd May 2006 03:11

I have blood worms and brine shrimp but they don't seem interested unless the food is moving. Are they just being picky?

karin 22nd May 2006 03:15

Thank you so much! How often should I expect them to shed their skin? Each one has shed once since I've had them and they've only been with me a month.

ali 22nd May 2006 05:19

Hi again Karin. They shed at varying times. It's hard to give you an estimate. I don't really know how often is "regular." Once in a month is NOT enough to be worried about though. When my c.o. was sick, he shed every other day or so. They shed when they need to. Unless they're doing it pretty often, it's nothing to worry about.

I think all of mine shed pretty soon after I got them too. Maybe it has something to do with adjusting to the environment.

gord 22nd May 2006 16:54


the best t.grans food in my opinion are the little pink fish worms that often crawl out onto the street after a rain. my t.grans love them more than anything else. you can some times dig them up around lawns or in gardens. guys refuse all food that's not moving in some way.


pin-pin 23rd May 2006 03:11

Hello Karin,

First off, congratulations on your Tarichas.

Please do consider the "nightcrawlers" if you can find them. They are softer and more nutritious than mealworms.

Secondly, never worry about worms that are too large when you have a knife around! Cutting worms is an art in this trade, with the more fanatical keepers performing this worm reduction with their bare fingers. Nightcrawlers also still "wiggle" when cut and the Taricha I keep are quite happy with this diet.

As long as the earthworms/nightcrawlers were not taken from a place with pesticides (which is only a concern if you are collecting the worms yourself) and the worms aren't "dead" (trust me, you'll know when a worm is "dead"), there shouldn't be any problems.

A picture of the tub of worms that I buy at pet shops (they are also available at bait shops, and apparently, Walmart) is in this cartoonish article.

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karin 24th May 2006 01:54

Thank you so much! for everyone's information, i cut my first worm up yesterday and they loved it! even the one that wasn't eating before took a large chunk... I was very happy! Thank you all so much for your help!

canimasln 6th April 2018 02:02

Re: Feeding rough skinned newts
Hello, i was wondering if anybody was using red wigglers or european nightcrawlers from any place like Uncle Jim's worm farm or if anyone was raising their own worms for their newts?

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