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jacob 22nd March 2007 06:39

Very strange Axolotl color morph...
I found this guy the other day. He looks to be half albino and the other half leucistic, it's weird.

jay 22nd March 2007 07:04

It looks pretty cool

kaysie 22nd March 2007 12:46

A closeup would be warranted, but it looks like it has black eyes from here.

paul-mark 22nd March 2007 15:48

Does the little fellah have one black eye and one pink one?!

jacob 22nd March 2007 16:53

One eye is black. The other one looks like a white albino eye. The only thing weird about the albino eye is that if you look really close at it, you can see a few small black dots on it. I will for sure post more pics of this guy as he grows. One set of gill stalks (on the side w/the black eye) also have small freckles, but on the other set there is no pigment, just white body with pink gills.

jacob 22nd March 2007 17:19

jacob 22nd March 2007 17:22

Well, the eye does have some pigment, but it is not a black eye.
There also appears to be yellowish markings on it's gills and sides.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

kaysie 22nd March 2007 18:35

Well, it's not albino, as then there would be no black pigment on the one side.

But it's definitely cool.

paul-mark 22nd March 2007 18:43

It looks seriously *special* Jacob! Can't wait to see it when it's a full-blown adult...

Where did you get it from or is it home-grown? I'm wondering, however, if the left eye is under-developed.

jacob 22nd March 2007 23:07

Yes, the axolotl was offspring from a cross of one of my original female wild-types, and a male white albino. Fortunately, I know which two they are. Even if the left eye is under-developed, I still like it. It is the strangest coloured one I've ever raised. I've been feeding it heavily with cyclops and separated it from the rest.

cameron 22nd March 2007 23:15

Maybe the second eye didn't develope correctly as an embryo in the egg. Just a thought.

jacob 22nd March 2007 23:19

I don't know, we'll see. It could turn out to be a patchy axolotl with one undersized eye.

jacob 25th March 2007 11:14

Here are a couple more pics of it, not of great quality.

teesha 27th March 2007 13:50

omg, that is AMAZING!!! what's his name? Pirate??? lol :P

jacob 27th March 2007 20:48

Hey, that's a great name, I've just been calling him Gary. I think he'll be "Pirate" from now on.

ryan 27th March 2007 21:16

How is he doing?

jacob 28th March 2007 05:55

the little guy (or girl) is doing good, I have been feeding it cyclops, daphnia and small fairy shrimp.

ryan 28th March 2007 10:33

Thats good to hear Jacob.

jacob 28th March 2007 19:24

It's finally getting nubs of back legs, still growing fast like they tend to do

annmarie 2nd April 2007 11:48

Hey- very interesting guy. Cannot wait to see the further development of Pirate Gary's colouration.

On another note, this got me thinking, I wonder if chimerism in axolotl is possible. I have only heard of it in mammals. Myabe Mosaicism would be possible?

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