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RavenPaw 19th July 2019 15:42

Donít know what to do! Help!
I have four tiger salamanders. 2 males and 2 females. They all live together in a big 45 gallon tank. My biggest salamander has refused to eat for over 2 months yet she’s still fatter than all the other salamanders. She used to snap at everything but now she just lays around and hardly moves. When ever I offer her food she just turns away and walks away from it. The only time I ever see her move is when she moves into the water every now and then. This has been going on for over 2 months yet she’s still fatter than the others. She’s really starting to worry me. Can anyone tell me what’s going on with her? And what I can do to get her to start eating again?

AuSu 19th July 2019 19:00

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
I don't have any knowledge in tiger salamanders, but I think a few things might help someone to help you. First of all, can you share a photo of her (how she looks now)? Have you seen any bowel function? Has your room temperature changed a lot, or tank settings? And is there any living things in the tank she could eat without you noticing it (worms or something)?
I hope someone will help you, I only have firebelly newts so it's a different (more waterly :) ) habitat. If you have a salamander friendly vet around, that could be a good option, too.

sammiethes 20th July 2019 05:14

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!

We have the same problem with ours and I made a post like this in the past. I've lost track but ours hasn't eaten in at least three months, probably more. He doesn't move much but still looks healthy. He looked very fat until very recently and is now showing signs of losing weight.

I made three visits to the vet and other than a tiny bit of edema she said he appears to be fine. She did suggest that he is going through a period of aestivation as it's summer here. How hot is it in your tank? The next step for ours is a blood test. The vet tried before but getting blood was not easy and she has suggested that he would have be sedated.

Sorry I can't help more. Genuinely interested in other people's opinions though.


RavenPaw 20th July 2019 16:25

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!

I have separated her from the others just Incase itís something contagious. As far as I can tell she hasnít had any bowl functions and nothing has in the room has changed before this started. But it is Summer by me so the AC has been turned on as itís really hot here. Other than that and her being separated from the other nothing has changed. There also isnít anything in the tank that she could have eaten as I always make sure everything is safe for her and the others. Iíve also notice that when I picked her up to move her I can fell how skinny she truly is. Iím able to feel her spine without hardly touching her and her abdomen feels more like itís filled with water. I wish I could take her to the vet but thereís no one near by that will take her and my parents refuse to take her as they feel itís not worth paying to take her to the vet being that sheís ďonly a salamanderĒ.

RavenPaw 22nd July 2019 21:54

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
So far I have observed that if she spends too much time in the water she gets fatter and sometimes will start foaming from the mouth. If she stays out of the water long enough she gets really skinny and shows the fact that she hasnít eaten in over two months. Do to this I have put together a possible theory. I believe that the longer she stays in the water the more her body absorbs and for some reason her body is just collecting it making her feel full and not having to eat. I think that if I replace her water source with very wet paper towel, this will let her only absorb the amount of water needed to stay hydrated and not too much. Thus allowing her her to get skinny like she should be and this will make her realize that she needs to eat. I believe that if Iím wrong that this could possibly kill her. But Iím out of options and sheís dieing so I have to take the risk. I want to ask for your opinions on this and ask if anyone knows why her body is possibly collecting so much water that sheís foaming from the mouth and she doesnít think she needs to eat. Cause if I canít find a way to fix this permanently and my theory is right then chances are that if I can get her to eat but her body is still collecting water, then Sheíll never be able to be with open water again. I want her to be able to swim with her friends again. So if anyone has anything to say please do tell me.

Slinky 22nd July 2019 21:54

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
Don't know much about tigers but could the sal be bloated you mentioned it looking fat but not eating so maybe bloating? I have heard of salt bathes for sals but I don't know if they are reliable but might be worth some researching. If I'm completely wrong and it's not bloat ignore this post. Off topic but I have to say warrior cats are awesome ( if this is the same ravenpaw) :D.

RavenPaw 23rd July 2019 16:06

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
Re: Slinky

It is the same RavenPaw. He was my favorite character.

AuSu 24th July 2019 18:00

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
Have you read about illnesses and treatments in caudata culture, ? If you could find some help there when you have no chance with the vet. Do you know any experienced salamander keeper in your area, if you could ask someone to check her at home, for free? It could clarify the situation. I hope you best luck and for your sally, too!
Ps. Have you offered her just tiny bits of earthworm, if they were easier to swallow. And then there is cooling, but it's best you take a look at the caudata culture or here under the species-thread.

RavenPaw 27th July 2019 20:36

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
Update on my salamander. I went through with my plan and she got skinny. She even started moving more. I took a night crawler and cut a small piece off and tried to feed it to her. She was still refusing to eat so I just left it on the moist paper towel in hopes sheíd eat it on her own. Two days later and when I woke up she walking around her cage. The worm had crawled under the paper towel and died so I took it out and changed the paper towel as it too was beginning stink. An hour after changing the paper towel I went and checked on her. Unfortunately within that hour she had died. She seemed to have been doing better when she had suddenly died. I donít know what I did wrong so if anyone knows please tell me.

AuSu 29th July 2019 06:10

Re: Donít know what to do! Help!
Oh, I'm sorry for your loss! Hope your other ones stay healthy and well.

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