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Riverlady1965 10th September 2018 18:21

Daphnia, good online places to buy
Where are good online places to buy daphnia for axolotl larvae? I have vinegar eel cultures, microworm cultures and bbs. I want to keep a variety of live foods for them and betta fry.

carolynsoria 17th July 2019 13:14

Re: Daphnia, good online places to buy
Thank you for sharing these places to buy. However, we need addresses and probably websites to check out all prices.

mistergreen 26th August 2019 18:42

Re: Daphnia, good online places to buy
Another option is to buy daphnia 'eggs'. They're easy to ship and won't die on you.
You get better hatch rates if you mix in distilled/RO water. Once they hatch, you'll have daphnia for life. Even if you population crash, just leave it alone for a few weeks and they'll come back. You can see white specs on the side of your tank/container. Those are the daphnia 'eggs'.

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