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dklagesse 26th March 2014 20:19

What pets does everyone own?
I have a couple of anoles (one Green one Bahaman), one beautiful bearded dragon, and 3 red eared slider turtles. I also have a 75 gal tank with 6 angelfish, a 30 gal tank with a pair of angelfish, and a 20 gal with a few swordtails and pleco, and a tank full of swordtail fry.

I'm thinking I might be obsessed, but I absolutely LOVE all my tanks and can't wait for another addition to my ever-increasing collection of tanks. :D

I also have a puppy that just adores chewing up everything she can get a hold of...

Alkylhalide 26th March 2014 20:22

I have 5axolotls, two rats and a cat :) pretty borring, hope to expand my animals once we expand our living arrangements! My roommate also has a 30gallon with two jack dempseys in it.

jAfFa CaKe 26th March 2014 20:42

Re: What pets does everyone own?
26 axolotls (23 of which are larvae)
A dog (Flat coat retriever/Boarder Collie)
A guppy
3 sunburst platies
1 glass/ghost catfish
Oh yeah, and my Barred Tiger Salamander, with the most original name I could think of, Tyger.

smurfrider 26th March 2014 21:00

Re: What pets does everyone own?
I have 4 axies and 100 larva
1 eastern newt
A dragon goby
10 molly fish
A goldfish
A Chinese hairless crested dog
And 2 boys who keep asking for more critters

JessJesting 26th March 2014 22:27

What pets does everyone own?
Alright here it goes...

1 leucistic axolotl
4 cobra guppies
3 otocinclus
2 dwarf cories
1 angelfish
1 betta
3 platies (1 Mickey Mouse 1 red tail and 1 unknown)
1 neon tetra
2 dogs ( a puggle and a beagle)

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Elliriyanna 26th March 2014 23:23

Re: What pets does everyone own?
I have

- 3 axolotls
- 7 corydoras
- 3 male bettas
- 2 ADF
- Shrimp ( Not about to count them)
- 2 ACF
- 1 dog
- 1 cat

kcoscia 27th March 2014 10:36

7 platies, 20+ red cherry shrimp, 3 male bettas, snails, a cat

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AfroNewtkeeper 27th March 2014 22:41

Re: What pets does everyone own?
The signature says it all... I just received a Northern blue tongue skink in the mail the other day.

Chinadog 27th March 2014 22:52

Re: What pets does everyone own?
As well as C. pyrrhogaster, C. ensicauda, I alpestris, T. verrucosus and A. tigrinum we have a pair of 16yr old Southern leopard tortoises, a Koi pond, three large Channel catfish and my ever faithful Chinese Shar pei called Bam Bam.

Kaini 27th March 2014 22:56

Re: What pets does everyone own?
I have:

- Two common goldfish (in a 55 gallon) Prowl and Jazz
- One Axolotl (Zion :D)
- Two betta in a divided ten (Jalen and Arjia) along with six ghost shrimp I've collectively named Borg

And a tiger swallowtail larvae I'm raising into a butterfly to take pictures of, plus a venus fly-trap if you count that...

smiley1996 27th March 2014 23:09

I have -
sh itzhu X bischon - forgive the spelling haha
3 axolotls
Guinea pig
Blue and gold mccaw ^^

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sde 28th March 2014 03:28

Re: What pets does everyone own?

3 chickens ( before a opossum massacred them there was 5, and before other animals and a strange disease killed them there was 9 I think ).
1 Dog, AKC yellow lab, though she's more white.
1 Cat, found as a stray when she was young, totally white all over, I think she's 12 or 13.
7 T. granulosa, 5 of which are adults.
3 A. gracile, all adults.
And I would estimate about 50+ snails, several scuds, 2 water skaters, little bug larvae ( the kind that make a shell thing out of debris ), and lots of other pond life ( like copepods ).

That's it for now, but I want more chickens since most of them got killed or died of disease. And of course I want my newts to breed! :D


auntiejude 28th March 2014 08:35

Re: What pets does everyone own?
We have:
5 adult axies, 1 juvie, 58 larvae
50+ guppies, 30+ cherry shrimp, some snails
1 part-time dog - lives elsewhere most of time, but I visit daily.
1 teenage boy. Yes I know he's not really a pet, but I have to feed him, clear up his mess, put up with weird smells etc the same as a pet....but at least he's house trained!

Smokey0923 28th March 2014 08:41

I have 3 cats 3 dogs and 3 tanks. One tank holds 2 geckos until I sell them then the tank will be for more Axolotls :p my 75 gallon tank has 3 Axolotls in it (waiting fir my fourth :D and I have a 30 gallon community fish tank with 2Mollies a couple platys a couple tetras and a female betta (was trying it out and so far she loves living in the tank). And I haven't even moved out of home yet. I told my best friend he's in trouble when I move in lol! Ooh and my goat....and turtle..and a **** load of minnows

Skudo09 30th March 2014 04:39

Re: What pets does everyone own?
I have

Two cats
Two rats (that chase the cats...)
Two axolotls :D
Three Goldfish
Tropical fish - mainly tetras, bristlenose catfish and upside down catfish

With the high chance of the menagerie continuing to grow...

speckles 2nd April 2014 19:24

Re: What pets does everyone own?
Three cockatiels, a mali uromastyx, a tiger salamander and a wildtype axolotl. I also help take care of another cockatiel, a mini schnauzer and a melanoid axolotl.

Ripley 2nd April 2014 21:11

Re: What pets does everyone own?
5 Axies
7 Angelfish
5 Green Cory Catfish
1 Panda Catfish
2 Dojo Loaches
1 Peacock Eel
5 Candy Cane Tetras
2 sword tails
3 ACF's
1 Oranda Goldfish
3 8 Lines
20 Glass Shrimp
2 Bristle Nose Plecos
2 Black skirt Tetras
2 Mystery Snails
1 Bearded Dragon
1 Cat

littlebignafe 6th April 2014 11:11

Re: What pets does everyone own?
2 axies
2 corn snakes
1 duck
2 dogs
1 cat
hopefully more axies in the future :D

adler0 14th April 2014 04:58

Re: What pets does everyone own?
5 Attachment(s)
1 Adult Female Leucistic Axolotl (old photo)
2 Little Baby Echinotriton Andersoni Newts
1 Adult Fire salamander (sex unknown)
1 Female Panther Chameleon
2 Snails
1 Ball Python (sex unknown)

SkollSunChaser 14th April 2014 08:12

Re: What pets does everyone own?
5 Attachment(s)
I have...

1 dwarf axolotl (currently staying with a friend until I can take him home)
5 Neon tetras (also in the care of my friend until I'm in a better place)
3 Cats (2 females, 1 male all a pain in the a**)
1 Dog

Everybody was crowed around Munchkin when I tried to take pictures of him on a visit, so I didn't get a good shot of him unfortunately :/ Originally I was going to have him and two babies but they're eating their sitter out of house and home so I told her to sell them and I'd wait for the next batch to grow out. Though now I'm having second thoughts >_>

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