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Suz 10th December 2018 15:42

Questions about Ghost Shrimp?
Hey everyone,

I was thinking of starting a small planted tank where I am thinking of growing some snails and ghost shrimp. I was wondering if I could feed ghost shrimp to my axolotl as a treat or if I could at least place them into the tank with him. Also, any suggestions for plants because I was going to start a pea puffer tank and maybe put some more plants in my axolotl tank, and tips for breeding the ghost shrimp. Sorry for all the questions.

Thank you in advance,

lacieb315 11th December 2018 20:30

Re: Questions about Ghost Shrimp?
I've heard that ghost shrimp are ok axolotl food as long as it's in moderation. I'm planning on setting up a tank for them too. Ghost shrimp do fine in cold water but for faster breeding you'll want to keep them around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the parents will eat the young so when you find a female who has eggs you might want to separate her. I've read that you can keep about 10 shrimp per gallon but some places say only like 4 per gallon.
As for plants I only keep Moss balls with my axolotl so I don't know much about them.

Californiense 17th December 2018 04:21

Re: Questions about Ghost Shrimp?
I myself have done a good amount of research on the subject, and as far as I can tell, ghost shrimp are completely and totally safe to be paired with axolotls. As long is there is enough plant cover for the shrimp to hide and enough space so that they are not on top of the axolotls, a colony of ghost shrimp should survive and be safe for the axolotls who eat them while breeding fast enough not to all be eaten. There should be no temperature issues either, and seeing as how ghost shrimps are as well camouflaged as they are (being clear and all) they should have no trouble hiding as long as they have space and cover to do it in.

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