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StormWolf 26th September 2019 16:02

Aqua One Horizon 130 Styleline Aquarium
Hi everyone, been a while since I have been on but I'm here now. Anyway I want to know if anyone has a Aqua One Horizon 130 Styleline? I'm also interested in possible having a planted aquarium for my Axie. What Substrate would be best for this and what plants are suitable for Axies. Many Thanks :happy:

Viking 26th September 2019 16:24

Re: Aqua One Horizon 130 Styleline Aquarium
Any floating plants work. I use hornwort and duckweed. Plants that can be mounted onto wood or large rocks like Java Fern and all Anubis are very attractive There are many choices out there. Just find plants that like cool hard water.

I myself prefer bare bottom tanks. There is much discussion about substrate. You want to avoid things that can be swallowed and cause digestive blockage. Gravel is a possible problem though many people have not had problems. Smaller axies are more likely to hurt themselves on gravel.

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